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Electricity Supply to Georgia is increasing

The volumes of electricity produced in Armenia in the first quarter of this year increased around 9.3% percent. A total of 2.1 billion kWh of electricity was produced, which exceeded the indicator of the previous year by 178 million kWh.

In the domestic market 1.7 billion kWh of electricity was consumed. The increase compared to last year is more than 10 percent. In the first quarter 156 million kWh more electricity was spent in the domestic market.

The power export to Georgia is increased. In the first quarter around 75.3 million kWh of electricity was delivered to the Georgian market.

This is due to the agreement on mutual power interflows between Armenia and Georgia signed between "Energoimpex" CJSC and “Global International Energy” which allowed to optimize the energy producing and consuming regimes in Armenia. As a result 25.4 million kWh was delivered to Georgian market in February, in March 50.5 million kWh electricity. It is expected that in April the export to Georgia will be around 40 million kWh. Last year the same period no deliveries were made in this direction.