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Armenian networks

Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC


In 1998-2000 state property privatization program was also included CJSC «Electric Networks of Armenia». According to RA government decision 407 dated 10.06.1999 "ENA" company was to be privatized by international competition. As a result "Midland Resources Holding LTD" became the winner.

In august 2002 the shares purchase contract was signed between "Midland Resources" and RA government.

Today the owner of CJSC "ENA" is ОJSC "Inter RAO", which bought the electric networks in 2006.

OJSC "Inter RAO" was formed in 1997. The company is a functioning operator of electricity exports and imports in the territory of Russia, providing both domestic and foreign consumers with electric power. Foreign asset purchases make it possible to essentially strengthen OJSC "Inter RAO" position in electricity markets of the countries of Europe, Transcaucasia, Far East and Central Asia.

OJSC "Inter RAO" is a dynamically developing company, which heads a group of 20 companies in more than 14 countries.

CJSC «Electric Networks of Armenia» is the biggest employer in RA, one of the biggest tax-payers, serves approximately 985.000 electric utility customers.

The company has 11 branches:

  • 7 branches, which have uniform structure and serve 0,4-110 kV electric networks in the marzes (regions) of RA (Kars, Aghstev, Musaler, Geghama, Tatev, Arax,Debed).
  • 4 branches, serving Yerevan, from which:

         - 1 exploitation branch of 35-110 kV networks

         - 3 branches on exploitation and sale of 6 (10)/0,4 kV (Harav, Hyusis,Arevmutq).


General Director-Karen Haroutyunyan


RA, Yerevan, 0047, 127 A.Armenakyan St.

tel.: 65-00-86