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Ministry - Co-operation - INOGATE


INOGATE is one of the longest running energy technical assistance programmes funded by the European Union. It started in 1996 and works within the policy framework of the Eastern Partnership. INOGATE cooperates with 11 Partner Countries to support a reduction in their dependency on fossil fuels and imports, improve the security of their energy supply and mitigate overall climate change.

The INOGATE Partner Countries are located in 3 geographical regions and supported by 3 regional INOGATE Secretariats:


  • Eastern Europe: Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine with its Secretariat in Kiev
  • Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with its Secretariat in Tbilisi
  • Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with its Secretariat in Tashkent.


The INOGATE Programme has 4 objectives:

  • Converging energy markets on the basis of the principles of the EU internal energy market taking into account the particularities of the Partner Countries
  • Enhancing energy security by addressing the issues of energy exports/imports, supply diversification, energy transit and energy demand
  • Supporting sustainable energy development, including the development of energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand side management
  • Attracting investment towards energy projects of common and regional interest.