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Power system - Companies of the system - Electro Power Systems Operator

Electro Power Systems Operator

“Electro Power System Operator” CJSC was established in accordance with Sub item a) of Item 1 of the Decision No. 779-A dated 2 May, 2003 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The MEETING OF THE Founders of “Electro Power System Operator” CJSC took place on 30 October, 2003 and by the Item 1 of the Founders meeting’s Decision the Charter of “Electro Power System Operator” CJSC was approved.



In accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the Company the management authorities  of the Company’s shares being the property of the Republic of Armenia was given to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

The Charter of the Company was registered in the State Register of Legal Entities on 3 November, 2003.

By the Decision No. 87-A 9 December, 2003 of the Natural Monopolies Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia to the “Electro Power System Operator” CJSC was given a Power system operator services provision License by which te Company has the exclusive rights to perform the following main activities.

  1. Power system technological process operational and economical control;
  2. Power system operation (generation, import, export and transit) planning and coordination as per signed contracts;
  3. As per License conditions and Market Rules calculation of the settings of the control and protection devices of the power system having system importance, its provision to the companies having licenses for activities in energy sector and control of that devices operation;
  4. Provision of interconnected operation of Power System of the Republic of Armenia with regional power systems.



“Electro Power System Operator” CJSC has an affiliate company “Energycommunication” which is responsible for provision of operational and process communication of the power system, power system dispatch control and process communication, maintenance and repair of telecommunication equipment and devices.

“Electro Power System Operator” CJSC also provides the power system operator services during power import and export.


Mnatsakan Mnatsakanyan - General Director of “Electro Power System Operator” CJSC


Address: 27, Abovyan Str., 0009 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Telephone: +37410  52 47 25, fax: +37410  54 73 17, Internal tel.: 28 -51, 29-60