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The Digitization of the Geological Fund Will Be Completed by the End of This Year

The geological information existing in the "Republican Geological Fund" will be available online to the public, especially to all possible investors by the end of this year. According to Shushanik Kerobyan, the head of Geology, Normative-Methodical and Analysis Division the fund digitization is consistently being carried out.  

Within the activities to provide information availability and accessibility in mining industry digitizing works of geological materials existing in "Republican Geological Fund" will be completed by the end of this year. This will give an opportunity to make the existing information on mineral mines available online to public, one of the goals of which is to attract investments.

According to Shushanik Kerobyan, around 65 percent of the geological information has already been digitized. 60 percent of which is at website created for this purpose and is available to everyone. The installation of the rest of the digitized information is in process.

During the first quarter of this year 42 passports of mineral mines and displays were digitized, 8 of which is related to revalued mines.

The digitization of works is carried out by the assistance of USAID. They started in the second half of the last year.