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RA Minister of Energy infrastructure and Natural Resources Sends Congratulatory Address on Geologist's Day

Dear geologists, 


I cordially congratulate you on the professional holiday – Geologist's Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday in April.
Our country's development and progress can't be imagined without the your work, which can be qualified not only as a profession, but also as a prelude. The Armenian economy would be moving in a different direction without the mining industry, the realization of raw material and economic potential of the entrails.
 Geology is one of the pillars of our country's economic development, and it is impossible to imagine an advanced economy without the targeted work of geologists.  Due to geologists' work, we have a well-developed mining complex.
Certainty can say that nowadays the professional qualities, the introduction of new technologies and the effective management of the entrails are crucial for the development of the industry.
Successes in the sector are evidence of the extensive and continuous progress of the mining industry and, in general, the economy.
Once again I congratulate you on the Geologist's Day, and wish you health and new work success.