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Congratulatory message of RA Minister of Energy infrastructures and Natural Resources on Energy Day

Darling energy specialists,

On December 22, we celebrate the Energy Day. Our professional holiday is not only an opportunity to congratulate each other, but also to look back at the past year, to evaluate what is done and to talk about what to do. In this regard today we have really something to record because we managed to implement a number of strategically important projects in the energy sector over the past year. With the credit and grant funds provided by the RF Government and with the technical support and direct participation of our "Rosatom" partners launched the program of modernization and exploitation of the second block of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant. As a result, we will have an unprecedented level of safety and reliability at the Nuclear Power Plant and a 10 per cent increase in production capacities. Our partners in the US have succeeded in implementing the construction project of the "Shnogh" hydroelectric power plant with a 76 MW design capacity in Soviet times. Within the frameworks of public-private partnership, the design and estimate works were started. As a result, we will have another hydropower plant, which will utilize the Debed River water resources more fully. As a result, the production capacities of the existing power unit will increase by 7 MW, with a 1% increase in the useful operating ratio, which will reduce the specific fuel consumption.

The construction of a new Armenia-Georgia high-voltage transmission line and a conversion plant will be launched next year, which financed by German Development Bank KfW. In cooperation with the Italian RENCO company, the construction of the second power block of the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant with a combined steam cycle has been launched, with the efficiency of which will reach 53%.

In the past year, the first three solar power plants were put into operation, in Armenia, in total 128 solar photovoltaic stations were installed in Armenia. The first product was released "Solaron" solar photovoltaic panels. Their production volumes are still small but are of great importance for the future. Armenia was not only left out of technological progress, but also passed many countries in the introduction and implementation of solar technology.

The process of liberalization of the electricity market began, the free market operator was formed, the network rules and the timetable of market liberalization steps were approved.

On the initiative of "Tashir" group of companies, Armenia's largest electric network has begun the reconstruction and upgrading of the largest investment program.

The construction of the Armenia-Iran high-voltage power transmission line was resumed and proceeded. As a result of these programs, our country will change the structure of electricity production: the share of the energy generated from own renewable sources will reach 50 percent in the country's domestic consumption structure, the share of fuel for the unit power generation by gas stations will drop by more than 20 percent, significantly increasing the specific weight of the nuclear energy.

All this will contribute to the strengthening of our country's energy security. As an energy corridor between Iran and Georgia, Armenia's role will increase, adding at least three times the potential of energy export. We are closely following the development of solar and nuclear technology. In the coming years they will most likely make a revolution in the energy sector. We are not left with these developments and we are confident that their use in our country will lead to a new level of energy security.

In the passing year, Armenia became the chair of the Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors and, at the same time, filed an application to the chairperson of the Energy Charter Conference. Our country once again assured the world that it is committed to continuing the peaceful purposes of nuclear energy as well as the goals it has pursued for the development of "green energy", energy efficiency and energy efficiency.

Dear Friends,

Accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the energy professional holiday.

Let the coming year become a year of new achievements, new achievements and successes. I wish you peace, quiet sky and uninterrupted work.