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The government has approved the concept of mining industry development

Government approves mining development concept on August 24.
It was instructed to present a list of measures to ensure the implementation of the mining industry development concept within four months after the entry into force of the decision.

According to Deputy Minister of Energy infrastructures and Natural Resources Vardan Gevorgyan, the concept of the development of the mining industry is to contribute to the sustainable development of the sector.

The document describes the current state of the mining industry, touch upon the existing problems in the field, which were grouped in eight main sections. The possible ways of solving these problems have been given.

"The Concept notes that in order to solve the problems and to further sustainable development of the industry, as well as to represent Armenia in the international market, it is necessary to elaborate and implement a mining industry strategy, involving all stakeholders',- said Vardan Gevorgyan.
It is planned to conduct some diagnostic studies and review existing studies.
According to Vardan Gevorgyan, the strategy development will be required for 1-1.5 years. The works will be implemented at the expense of grants from the World Bank and donor organizations.