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The government has approved the program of energy market liberalization

RA government has approved a program and schedule of interstate commerce development and liberalization. Accordingly, it is planned to implement gradual liberalization of Armenia's energy market in the coming years. It assumes a classical business environment and market conditions.

 The goal of the project is to make the domestic market more productive and boost export. Non-demanding electricity will be fully exported, with the mechanisms most dependent on neighboring countries' inter-state trade-offs. In order to liberalize the electricity market it is necessary to move to a new market model, which will contribute to the increase of the wholesale and retail markets, and the promotion of interstate commerce will have some competitive elements in the domestic market.

 It will be reminded, that the current model of Armenia's electricity market has been put into use in 2004 and is based on the "single buyer-seller" model, in which the owner of a power distribution license is entitled to buy electricity from the wholesale electricity market and sell it to consumers. In addition, the electricity market is fully regulated both wholesale and retail, and electricity imports and exports are regulated.