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Announcement on construction of Meghri HPP

An Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Cooperation in Construction and Operation of Run-of-River Power Plants on Araks River was signed in Meghri town of the Republic of Armenia on March 19, 2007.

The parties announce the opening of a tender for the selection of an investment company for implementation of the project on construction of Meghri HPP.

It is anticipated that the investor will independently solve all financial and organizational issues related to the construction, operation and management of the “Meghri HPP”.

The construction must be completed within 5 years, after which the electricity generated by the “Meghri HPP” for a warranty period of 15-20 years must be transported to Iran for sale by a 20-km long and 220-kV high-voltage double-circuit overhead power transmission line (providing 3 switchgear schemes at Agarak Substation) constructed by the investment company.

By April 5 of this year interested investors may submit preliminary proposals on the purchase price of electricity produced by “Meghri HPP” with a comprehensive outlined financial model to the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia to

In April of this year, a meeting-discussion is planned in Tehran, IRI. Participation of interested investors in the Tehran Meeting is preferable. During the Meeting, it is envisaged to give a preference to the potential investor, whose proposed financial model will be chosen as the best. Then the potential investor will be offered the conditions for further cooperation.


The main characteristics of Meghri HPP are listed below

- Design capacity_ 100 MW,

- Annual Average Energy Production_750-800 mln,

- Design head-90m,

- Pressure tunnel diameter_7.5m,

- Pressure tunnel length_18.2m,

- Volume of Capital Investments_about 300 mln US dollars.



Dam type – spillway concrete dam

Height – 9m

Length – 200m

Type of power plant – sub surface

Type of turbine - vertical Francis

Diameter of the pressure pipe – up to 4.3m





According to the preliminary estimates the approximate volumes of the main construction works have been presented.

Spillway concrete dam and additional devices


Ground (soil) works                               820,000 m³

Ground (rock) works                             160,000 m³

Concrete                                             130,000 m³

Cement                                               47,000 tons

Formwork                                            82,000 m²

Fittings                                               5,330 tons                      

Pressure tunnel (the dates presented in the table below are calculated for the tunnel with 8,5 m diameter). The volumes should be reduced to the dimeter of the tunnel (the diameter of the tunnel is 7,5m).

Drilling: Drill – and - blest

286,000 m³

Drilling: TBM

1,105,000 m³

Daily Regulated Pond (DRP)

350,000 m³

Concrete works of the tunnel

37,000 m³

Prefabricated concrete construction of the tunnel

154,000 m³


78,000 m³


69,000 m³

backfilling (with about 10mm sands)

47,000 m³

Digging and concrete blocks lining

6,000 line meter


13,000 tons


HPP building

Ground (soil) works                                        20,000 m³

Ground (rock) works                                      186,000 m³

Concrete                                                       17,000 m³

Cement                                                         7,000 tons

Formwork                                                     9,200 m²

Fittings                                                         5,330 tons