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The upgrading will contribute to the improvement of the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant's production index

The upgrading program of the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant's operating unit will launch in August this year to improve the efficiency of the plant. Particularly, the unit cost of the natural gas used for power generation will be reduced. The capacity of the power unit will increase as well.

As a result of the technical upgrading, it is expected that the capacity of the plant will increase about 7 MW from 220 to 227 MW, the unit cost of fuel will drop from 258.1 g/kWh to 252.8 g/kWh, the power unit OSG will rise by 1%, the electricity useful delivery will increase by 59.5 million kWh, which is equivalent to more than 1.2 billion drams in the current tariff.

After the technical upgrading, the plant's capital repair period will be prolonged for 2 years, from 4 to 6 years, which will contribute to the increase of the period of continuous work of power unit.  Let's remind that the "Yerevan TPP" combined steam cycle power unit has been put into operation in 2010.