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The government has approved a strategy for the safe management of radioactive waste and nuclear fuel management

At the October 5 sitting, the government approved a strategy for the safe management of radioactive waste and nuclear fuel management used in the Republic of Armenia. RA Minister of Energy infrastructures and Natural Resources has been instructed to develop and submit to the Government staff a program of measures to implement the provisions of the Radioactive Waste Management System and the Nuclear Fuel Management Strategy.

 The need for a safe management of radioactive waste and the functioning of nuclear fuel is in line with the coordination of activities in that area, the implementation of the necessary legal regulations, the definition of priorities and the clear formulation of the security principles, as well as the long-term state policy in line with the international safety standards and requirements of IAEA safety standards , the radiation protection of the population and the surrounding environment the imperative of effective implementation of measures.

The use of radioactive materials in Armenia began in the 50-ies of the 20th century and became more active in the mid-80s in almost all sectors of the economy, including healthcare, industry, science and education, agriculture, geology and so on, resulting emerged  in the so-called "municipal radioactive waste". The emergence of so-called "nuclear wastes" of other types of radioactive waste has started with the exploitation of the Armenian NPP's energy blocks.

Extension of the project will contribute to the modernization of the radioactive waste management system, the reduction of the various types and activity flows caused by the exploitation of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, the reduction of their operating costs, the safe and reliable operation of the NPP, as well as the operation of the ANPP staff and limiting the harmful effects of radiation on the population, the environment;

The adoption of the document will create prerequisites  for the construction of the high activity waste cemetery.