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Ministry - Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Armenia has a significant solar energy potential. The average annual amount of solar energy flow per square meter of horizontal surface is about 1720 kWh 
(the average European     1000 kWh). One fourth of the country’s territory is endowed with solar energy resources of 1850 kWh/m2.


Solar thermal energy

In Armenia solar thermal collectors /water - heaters/ are generated with 1.38 – 4.12 m2 standard measures. Daily production of hot water from water – heaters with 2.75 m2 surface is 120-160 liter.

There are cooling and ventilation solar systems at American University of Armenia, with solar capacity about 50 kWh and photoelectric capacity about 5 kWh. The latter secures continuous work of the whole system.

Solar – water heaters have been installed on the roofs of buildings in many settlements, such as kindergartens, houses, medical centers by “Shen” organization, “Solaren” LTD Company, Greek “CRES” organization, by TACIS, USAID and other charitable organizations


Solar Photovoltaic modules

Up to now in Armenia photovoltaic demonstrating modules have been installed with different small capacities.

Polymeric photoelectric inverters with 9.8 kWh capacity and total surface of 200m2, made by technologies of Germany and USA, are assembled  on the roof of Armenian – American health centre /Institute  of Mammography/ .

For development of solar energy, Fund for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Armenia has realized the project  “Assistance for Development of  Actual Solar PV Energy  in Armenia” by the assistance of WB and grant of  GEF. The potential for development of photovoltaic industry in Armenia have been studied in the framework of the project.

Renewable Energy Investment Plan was prepared in the framework of the “Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries (SREP)” of the Climate Investment Funds, in accordance to which SREP resources will be allocated to develop 40 to 50 MW utility-scale solar PV.