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Ministry - Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Armenia has a significant solar energy potential. The average annual amount of solar energy flow per square meter of horizontal surface is about 1720 kWxh (the average European is 1000 kWxh). One fourth of the country’s territory is endowed with solar energy resources of 1850 kWxh/m2/year.


Solar Thermal Energy

In August 2017 an «Energy Efficiency» program started in ungasified communities of Armenia, in the framework of which 298 solar water heaters and 8 solar PV systems were installed as of 12.02.2018. Currently, the possibility of implementing the above mentioned program in forest communities is also being considered. Though it is already clear that additional measures are necessary to meet the demands.


Guide on autonomous solar power plant construction and grid connection

1. Autonomous Energy producer - a physical person or legal entity can construct up to 150 kW Solar Installation for their own needs without License (Low on Energy, Article 23). For legal entities the limit is set 500 kW, for physical persons it is left 150 kW.

2. Technological connection to the grid is done on consumer's application. It is necessary to apply to the «Electric networks of Armenia» (distributing) supplier site by the territorial affiliation of connecting power plant. A contract for connecting a new consumer or consumer’s reconstructed system electricity grid is signed. According to the Contract the supplier is connecting a new consumer’s or constructer’s or consumer system reconstructing consumer’s (customer) consumption system to the grid. And the Customer is obliged to pay to his consumption system for connecting to the electric grid.

3. Then reversible multi-rate power counters are installed. The purchase and service works of counters are regulated by electricity supply and use rules approved by the Public Services Regulatory Commission of RA (N358-N decision dated 27.12.2006).

4. The calculations for the amounts payable for the electricity supplied to the autonomous energy producer by Distributor and the payments to the Distributor autonomous energy producer are made monthly, and the calculations for amounts payable and final payments for the electricity supplied to the Distributor by autonomous energy producer, and the payments to the autonomous energy producer by Distributor are made annually.

If in the result of annual calculation the amount of electricity supplied by autonomous energy producer is negative then the Distributor returns to that extend. If in the result of annual calculation the amount of electricity supplied by autonomous energy producer is positive the  the producer is compensated at a rate of 50% of the tariff set by the Public Commission (The Law of the RA «On Energy Saving and Renewable Energy» – adopted on November 9, 2004).

5. Tax Regulations on parallel work of autonomous energy producers energy system are according to Tax Codex of RA adopted on 4 October 2016.


 Guide for the construction of utility-scale solar power plant


To construct a solar power plant one should:


 1. Chose a landing (landing may be chosen from Solar Resource Map presented at web-site).

2. Get Land Use Right and change the Land Use Destination to «Objects of energy, transport, communication and utility infrastructures» as needed.

3. Make a Business Plan.

4. To get information on licensing in the sphere of energy visit web-site of the Public Services Regulatory Commission of RA-, section «Information for Investorts»

5. Apply to Public Services Regulatory Commission of RA to get License for producing Electricity.

6. For free professional consulting apply to Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund - and/or to German-Armenian Fund - (soft loans are available here).

7. Constuct solar Power Plant by keeping the terms of the above mentioned License.